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Today’s pickle plant operators in the steel manufacturing and processing fields have a complete solution to what is often considered to be their biggest problem: how best to manage their spent hydrochloric acid.

Metsep, through a series of dedicated, customer-focused services and processes, helps pickle plant operators to dispose of their waste acid simply, efficiently and cost-effectively without risking the well-being of their production personnel or the environment. Our core objective is to enable companies to manage, with optimum effectiveness, the waste acid generated from steel treatment processes. This is especially relevant for companies that have high standards for their quality and environmental management programmes.


Metsep operates either through plants dedicated to a single customer, or using a centralised acid regeneration servicing a number of localised customers.

Dedicated Acid Regeneration Plant

Metsep supplies an acid regeneration service to steel works or steel processing companies, whereby Metsep either builds or operates an acid regeneration plant designed to the customers exact requirements, or takes over and modernises an existing acid regeneration facility.

Various options exist for the customer, for example, Metsep build, own and operate the acid regeneration plant on site, or across the fence; Metsep manage, operate and maintain the acid regeneration plant with ownership residing with the steelworks; Metsep takes over or purchases an existing acid plant and thereafter modernises or builds a new facility. These out-sourcing options allow Metsep as an experienced operator to manage the acid plants enabling the steelworks resources to focus on its core business of steel manufacture.

Centralised Acid Regeneration Plant

Metsep owns and operates acid regeneration plants which provide a service to steel picklers and fabricators which either cannot economically justify an acid regeneration plant on site or do not want the problems associated with owning and operating an acid regeneration plant on a steel fabricating site.

It is standard Metsep practice to deliver a consignment of regenerated acid that is inhibited fully to customer requirement. All deliveries are timeous and to an agreed specification with an accompanying certificate of analysis.

Project Execution

In addition to its operating know how, Metsep is able to provide its clients with a range of project execution options that can be applied to either the refurbishment or modification of existing plants or the building of completely new plants. Metsep’s flexible approach to the design and construction of acid regeneration plants includes the following:

• Reimbursable project management, engineering and construction management of plans for and on behalf of clients (EPCM).

• The complete turnkey supply of acid regeneration plants (EPC) whereby Metsep assumes the full risk and responsibility for the manufacture, construction and commissioning of the plant.

• The provision of design and engineering services for the refurbishment and upgrade of existing plans.

• The design and installation of plant control and management systems specific to the needs of the client.

Metsep ensures that its extensive experience in plant operations and maintenance is employed by its project execution teams to provide optimum plant performance and reliability.

Technical Advice

Taking our customer’s commitment further, we provide a series of complimentary technical advisory and support services. For example, our technical advisory team can provide valuable information on acid-resistant materials and fittings, pickle bath construction and procurement, and plant layout and operation. Our facilities include laboratories with state-of-the-art analytical equipment to ensure all batches are analysed accurately, reliably and efficiently. All analytical data is supplied to customer’s confidentiality.

All-in-all, these services are customised to your needs to strengthen your competitive edge.

Services to large and small customers

There is a growing trend for large manufacturers such as steel works and steel processing companies to increase their focus on core products and production processes, and to outsource non-core services and operations. Metsep’s dedicated waste-acid regeneration facilities and services are ideal for manufacturers to outsource acid regeneration operations.

Metsep has access to the necessary technology and design facilities to be able to provide and operate custom built acid regeneration facilities which could be dedicated to the service of regenerated acid consumers.

In addition to acid regeneration, Metsep provides a further service to customers, in that it operates waste water effluent treatment plants. Metsep is well placed to provide this service by taking over existing plants or will own and operate new, custom, designed waste water effluent treatment plants for the customer.

As an independent company with a sound performance record, Metsep can provide the steel manufacturing and processing industries with proven economical, technological and environmental benefits.

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